North West Labour Film Festival

The Plaza Community Cinema is to be a host of the inaugural North West Labour Film Festival: Cinema Celebrating Working People

The aim of the festival is to offer stimulating films from around the globe that reflect the lives and work of ordinary people.

Film is a great way to entertain people, but also to educate and make people think in different ways about things and the world they live in’ 

Anna Burton, festival director.

This is a prestigious international event that started in the USA and is now part of the annual festival calendar in Canada, Mexico, Ireland, Spain and Argentina. The Festival has been running successfully for four years in London, and now it moves to the North West. Liverpool will be the only venue for this event outside London.

Our programme includes:

Free Screening | ‘I Daniel Blake’ (15) by 2016 Palm D’Or winning director Ken Loach


As part of the Plaza’s arts and education programme and with support from Sefton UNISON we are able to offer a FREE film screening for all Merseyside Secondary Schools and Colleges on Friday 7th October from 10.00 am – 12.00 noon.

  • The screening will be accompanied by a Q/A with producer Rebecca O’Brien
  • Director Ken Loach has also been invited but this will not be confirmed until nearer the time

First House | Tickets £5 | 5:30pm  – 8:15pm

Mining Poems or Odes, Directed by Callum Rice at 5.45pm

Robert Fullerton, welder turned poet is self-educated and proud of listening to his mentor Archie who commanded him to read Robert Tressell’s ‘The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists.’ This is a film about work and poetry.

  • Post screen Q/A with Robert Fullerton

Where to Invade Next, Directed by Michael Moore at 6.15pm


Having spent 25 years making films defending ordinary people, Moore is now one of the 100 most influential people alive according to Time magazine. In this film he tours the world to investigate what the USA could learn from other countries.

  • Screening + Q/A with Lynne Collins TUC Regional Secretary, Angela Rayner MP & Julie Ward MEP

Second House | Tickets £5 | 8:30pm  – 10:30pm

UK Premiere screening of The Judgment. Directed by Stephan Komandarev/Bulgaria at 8.45pm


The stories of people being smuggled across borders is now daily news but we know less about the people who actually do the smuggling. In this Bulgarian entry for Best Foreign Language Oscar follows Mityo who has lost his wife, job and the respect of his son, takes up a job smuggling Syrian refugees across the Bulgarian/Turkish/Greek border he prevented them from crossing whilst in the army. A film about the impact of momentous decisions, and the hostile terrain at the heart of an illegal industry.

  • Introduction to film by Farouq Habib (May Day Rescue/White Helmets Syria)

Tickets for the event are available at the Plaza Box Office now.

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