Support against the Multiplexes

The Plaza Community Cinema is run by volunteers who give up their own personal time to give everyone the opportunity to see film at affordable prices.

The Plaza is a traditional cinema with a wealth of history going back to when it opened in 1939, with its original features complimented by its Art Deco and Modern look.

We have now been a Community Cinema for over 20 years, and faced many struggles throughout its time but pulled through each time.

We have never felt that we were a threat to other cinemas but now we are facing a potential two pronged push against us from Switch Islands (Groupon offer) and Southport’s set pricing at £4.99

We will not enter into a price war with our competitors because we believe we have a loyal following of people that will support us no matter what the multiplexes do.

We are and always will be In The Community For The Community serving the people of Sefton & beyond at affordable prices for everyone.

Martin Fol
Cinema Manager

5 Responses to “Support against the Multiplexes”

  1. John,C says:

    We must continue to offer what the multi-flexes cannot : History – from the golden days of cinema, to the past 20 years of this cinemas’s history, and what can be achieved by the determination of a few and the goodwill of many!

  2. Paul Thomas says:

    Well they robbed me blind for many years and the brilliant work you have done over the years for the Community wont go unappreciated. I will always choose the Plaza over any of their complexes. Your sound and picture quality is better anyway imo

  3. Sarah says:

    The Plaza has a quality that the multiplexes do not have.

  4. Mike Rooney says:

    The staff do a wonderful job at the plaza and are always helpful, warm and friendly which is not the case when you go to a multi-plex. Let’s all keep supporting the plaza as we don’t want to loose this wonderful community cinema.

  5. Howard Kynaston says:

    I have always found the staff at the Plaza to be very friendly & welcoming – while I don’t mind the multiplexes (they have their uses, usually heavily CGI laden films), I prefer the cosy local feel of the Plaza, and the entrance to the building makes you feel like you’re going somewhere special for a treat, rather than just sitting in front of a superlarge TV.

    It’s the small but niche “Fat Italian” to the Odeon’s large & generic “McDonalds”

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