Dancin’ Thru the Dark

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Dancin' Thru the Dark

Linda’s out on her hen night, her fiance is out on his stag night. Linda is having major doubts about getting married, when both groups arrive at a club, to find the band fronted by her ex-boyfriend—and the love of her life—Peter. Linda has to decide: Does she stay and settle down, like her friends want her to, or does she chuck it all in and run away with Peter?

9 Responses to “Dancin’ Thru the Dark”

  1. Dawn Hughes says:

    Please can I have 4 tickets? X

  2. Diane Ralston says:

    Would you be kind enough to let me know the price of tickets for Dancing thru the dark on Thursday 2000 hrs for two senior citizens and is the Plaza in Crosby
    Thankyou for your help
    Can we book tickets on line

  3. Joanna Murphy says:

    Really want to see this but coming from Blackburn – can we pre-book 2 tickets?

  4. hayley Seasman says:

    hi i have been ringing to book for 3 people for thursday for dancing through the dark

    • James says:

      Hi Hayley,

      Please keep trying, you can either come down to the box office anytime before the screening to get tickets also.


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