Dementia Friendly Screening | Ferry Cross the Mersey

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The film, directed by Jeremy Summers, is one of the more uncommon artifacts of the Mersey scene, shown very rarely on television and never issued on video. It was the first to be shot on location in Liverpool after the city’s emergence into the music mainstream (which had previously seen only Frankie Vaughan, Russ Hamilton, and Billy Fury as stars).

For authenticity, many scenes were shot in clubs near Gerry and the Pacemakers’ frontman Gerry Marsden’s home; a scene on a ferry (the Mountwood) on the River Mersey showed the docks as a backdrop. Marsden wrote nine new songs for the film which also starred Julie Samuels, Cilla Black, Jimmy Savile, and The Fourmost.

The song “Ferry Cross the Mersey” was written by Gerry Marsden as the theme song for the film.

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  1. Is Ferry Cross the Mersey fully booked on 24th February, I can’t find it listed in the booking section.

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