Plaza to Re-Open | 31st July

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As we countdown to the Plaza re-opening we wanted to update you on some of the things we have done for when we open.


Before the virus we allowed people just to turn up to get their tickets, unfortunately we will only be operating one till to keep the people in the foyer to a minimum, so we will be pre-selling tickets for all films for Friday 31st July to Thursday 6th Aug.

The reason is because it will firstly keep potential queues down, and the capacity of the screens has been reduced from the following:

SCREEN 1 Downstairs 216 seats to 98 seats
SCREEN 1 Upstairs 380 seats to 135 seats
SCREEN 2 92 seats to 44 seats
SCREEN 3 92 seats to 44 seats

Therefore we plan to open the Box Office from 10am to 12:30 starting tomorrow and each morning up to Thursday to buy your tickets. We would ask that you pay by contactless were possible, vouchers are also accepted.


Will remain closed and utilised for queuing, and we ask that you queue by standing on the white lines already in place, please be advised to bring an umbrella or coat if the weather is bad

A member of staff will be located on the entrance to the door to guide people in, two marked spaces are available to wait and this will allow two groups or couples at any given time.

On purchasing tickets you will be ALLOCATED SEATS to sit in PLEASE ensure you sit in the correct seats, also please be advised that customers will rip their own tickets prior to going in screen, ushers will be available to assist. All seats marked off must not be removed as this is part of the Social Distancing strategy that we are adhering to.

We may have some tickets available prior to the performance from the Box Office, but we do not take telephone or reserved bookings.

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