WoWFest 19 | Peterloo w/ Q & A with Mike Leigh

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The 1819 massacre in St Peter’s fields, brought graphically to life in Mike Leigh’s latest epic film Peterloo, sent shockwaves throughout society. Legendary director Mike Leigh, who’s credits include Abigail’s Party, Secrets & Lies, Vera Drake and Mr Turner, joins WoW for a unique screening followed by Q&A.

Mike Leigh’s gripping account of the 1819 St Peter’s Field massacre is a devastating portrait of class and political corruption which develops our understanding of how the working poor in Britain have coped with oppression. It is a necessary film for our times and is delivered in a brilliant, authentic way in which only Mike Leigh can manage.

Writer-director Mike Leigh trained at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, Camberwell and Central Art Schools in London, and at the London Film School. His first feature film was Bleak Moments (1971); this was followed by the full-length television films, Hard Labour (1973), Nuts in May (1975), The Kiss of Death (1976), Who’s Who (1978), Grown-Ups (1980), Home Sweet Home (1982), Meantime (1983), and Four Days In July (1984).

Other feature films are High Hopes (1988), Life Is Sweet (1990), Naked (1993)), Secrets and Lies (1996), Career Girls (1997), Topsy-Turvy (1999), All Or Nothing (2002), Vera Drake (2004) Happy-Go-Lucky (2008) Another Year (2010) Mr. Turner (2014) and Peterloo (2018).

He has written and directed over twenty stage plays. These include Babies Grow Old (1974), Abigail’s Party (1977), Ecstasy (1979), Goose-Pimples (1981), Smelling A Rat (1988), Greek Tragedy (1989), It’s A Great Big Shame! (1993), Two Thousand Years (2005) and Grief (2011).

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