Midnight Screen

Midnight Screening

Come join us at the Plaza to celebrate classic cinema late at night!

Some things are worth staying up for…Christmas Day, your Birthday or even the Super Bowl. Not that we’re claiming our Midnight Screenings are as important as those (psst, they are!).

If you missed a classic the first time round or want to recapture the magic of seeing your favourite film on the silver screen, then now is your second chance! All we ask for in exchange is just £5 to help us keep bringing these special nights to you. Not so bad for the pleasure of reliving a classic.

So what do you get for sacrificing your eight hours? You get a fully stocked temporary bar, that’s what! You also get the chance to pick up some memorabilia from whichever film we’re showing. Pretty good right?

We’re looking forward to welcoming you soon!

One more thing…

If there’s a film you’d like to see again on the big screen we’d love to hear about it! Get in touch with our Facebook/Twitter Guy and let him know your suggestions for future Midnight Screenings!

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