Austerity Fight

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The austerity policies of the Tories have targeted young and old. The NHS is chronically under funded and is being privatised. Students are leaving college with huge debts. Children, pensioners and the disabled are living in poverty and millions live precarious lives on ‘zero hour contracts’. Austerity Fight challenges the notion that we have to live in a world where public services are cut, worker’s rights removed and poverty is a daily reality for millions. Austerity Fight champions equality, practical alternatives to Austerity and a vision of a world based on co-operation rather than the greed of a global super elite.


This is the second screening in Liverpool since the film was premiered at London’s East End Film Festival 2017, when it received the following critical acclaim:

“Such an astonishing achievement. A rousing, current, passionate document of ordinary people fighting back. This important film needs widespread screening”.
Rachel Lichtenstein (Author).

“A wonderful film pulling off such an alternative voice to what we see on the mainstream media. Linking the devastating cuts going on in all services”.
Amanda Richardson (Award winning documentary maker – BAFTA/Grierson)

“Exposes what Austerity means in so many spheres, and documents the movements fighting back through the voices of ordinary people of all generations. Beautifully filmed, it is a must see not just for you, but for the unions, community groups, workplaces you are part of. A great film. What an indictment of Tory Britain through the articulate voices of working class campaigners. And what exquisite timing as our movement is rising in hope and confidence”.
David Rosenberg (Author)

“Fabulous. An incredible screening and an amazing and well deserved reaction”.
Alison Poltock (Director, East End Film Festival 2017)

“An excellent and inspiring film”.
Glyn Robbins (Author)

“A brilliant film”.
Guy Shennan (‘Boot Out Austerity”)

“Unmissable film. Marking history”.
David Whyte (Co-author, The Violence of Austerity)

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