Nae Pasaran

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A rare chance to see this amazing documentary directed by Felipe Bustos Sierra and produced by Ged Fitzsimmons that tells the story of the longest single action of International Trade Union solidarity.

Following the Pinochet coup in Chile, workers at the Glasgow Rolls Royce Engine Plant refused to repair the Chilean Air Force jet fighter engines, in the knowledge that they would be used against the civilian population. The film catches up with the workers involved; Bob Fulton, John Keenan, Robert Somerville and Stuart Barrie 45 years later to hear their story and also links them up with the people of Chile who tell of the impact of their solidarity action.

A wonderful film that will appeal to members of the Chilean community, those involved in the Chile Solidarity Campaign, trade Unionists, people with an interest in Labour and Social History as well as those who enjoy a human story of ordinary people supporting their brothers and sisters in struggle around the world.

Actor Emma Thompson watched the film and sends the following message:

“The world is full of light, and this film is one shining example.” Emma Thompson was so struck by the message of solidarity in the @BAFTA Scotland nominated @naepasaran that she wanted to share this with you.

Tickets are now available, priced at £4.00 and £3.00 conc. From the Plaza Community Cinema box office.

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